How much do squishmallows cost ?

How much do squishmallows cost ?


You want to know how much a squishmallow cost ??

Here we will give you different type of squishmallow with there different price range where the are available. we hope you will get a good information about squishmallows cost.

squishmallows cost range

DIfferent size of squishmallow :


  1. 3.5 inch 

  2. 8 inch

  3. 13 inch

  4. 16 inch

  5. 20 inch

  6. 24 inch


Cost of 3.5 inch squishmallow : 

  • 3.5 inch squishmallow are generally get in combo price of 6 of them are around $15 to $20 you can find it on amazon and squishmallows website


Cost of 8 inch squishmallow :

  • 8 inch squishmallows are good in small squishmallow the price renege are in between price $8 and $15 you can find them easily in amazon  and other online store.


Cost of 13 inch squishmallow :

  • 13 inch squishmallow are best in medium size squishmallow and price range are generally in between $12 to $16 and you can find them in any online shopping store.


Cost of 16 inch squishmallow :

  • 16 inch the Best quality squishmallow in the medium large size squishmallow price range are in between $16 to $25 you can find them in stores easily.


Cost of 20 inch squishmallow :

  • Great quality on big size squishmallow the price range are in between $25 to $32. They are hard to find in any online store.


Cost of 24 inch squishmallow :

  • Best in the category of giant size squishmallow very hard to find in the store. Price range are in between $30 to $68.



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