Why are squishmallows so popular ?

Why are squishmallows so popular ?


Of course, besides the mental benefits of collecting squishy mallows, there are also financial incentives. Similar to the ’90s beanie his baby craze, an artificial shortage of these collectibles has pushed prices up on the resale market. Toys that originally sold for $10-15 are often resold online for $30 or more. Mercari is a popular Squeezemallow resale site. The platform allows people to buy and sell their stuff, similar to Depop and Poshmark. Many people run squishmallow reselling businesses. This business buys stock of squishmallows from popular retailers and offers better prices online. This business method actually works because Squeezemalo makers Kelly Toy decided to capitalize on the popularity of stuffed animals and promote artificial rarity through limited editions and exclusive collections.


Why Squishmallows Are So Popular :


Occasionally, products appear in the gaming and hobby niche, becoming a global phenomenon. It’s becoming more than just a product, it’s becoming something that allows people to connect on a deeper level.It creates its own culture, economy, and basically its own little world. For the most part, this was a snowball effect. For example, Pokemon was just a card game when it launched, but has since grown into various video games, comics, movies, merchandise, and an expanding franchise.

Kelly Toys, makers of Squishy Malo, took a unique approach to creating this product. Rather than just launching in a few different colors and a few different sizes, they decided to really expand their reach and create a multitude of characters in the Squishmallow line. , and there can be dozens of different Squishmallows within a single clan. Additionally, Kellytoys is still adding new clans to its lineup and adding new members to existing clans. So far, over 800 unique squishmallows have been sold on the market.

However, the entire collection is not readily available as stores often sell out and it is difficult to find specific high-demand products. However, with such a wide variety of products, there is something for everyone. The smallest squishmallows are palm-sized products that are 3 to 4 inches tall, while the largest squishmallows are about 2 feet tall.


dinosaur squishmallow in 2022
dinosaur squishmallow in 2022


Story of Squishmallow :


Unlike many stuffed animals on the market today, Squishmallows are given a unique story. Each of his Squishmallow toys has its own unique background, and some Squishmallow characters share common traits. For example, some of the toys belonging to the same clan may be part of the same family or even from the same region, but each character within that clan has unique traits, traits, and behaviors. , and even has a set of personalities.

Another thing that makes this product special is that it was not available through regular retail channels. Rather, it was only sold on Squishmallow’s official website. Today, Jack the Black Cat easily fetches over $2000 at auction. With no inventory held by the company, it’s the only way for very dedicated buyers to get their hands on this particular model.


One of the reasons Squishmallow fans are so excited to get their hands on the Squishmallow they really wanted is because Kellytoys is very picky about product releases. We have developed various supply strategies specifically to create demand in the market and make sourcing of certain products more difficult. One of the most common techniques they used was the limited time production run. Some products are only available for a limited time, even if they are not particularly special. The company has not declared this so far and stopped producing certain models after some time.

They also had other models that were declared special and knew they would only be available for a very long time. They buy with great enthusiasm and sell out even faster.

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